[symple_toggle title=”Why eClosedRealty Inc?”]Because you keep 100% of your commission! Traditional brokers often charge high commission splits with additional fees like administration, E&O etc. eClosedRealty Inc only collects a small flat fee when you close an escrow. The fee is $595 which includes E&O risk management.[/symple_toggle]
[symple_toggle title=”What kind of license do I need to join eClosedRealty Inc?”]A valid California Real Estate Salesperson’s (agent’s) or Broker’s license.[/symple_toggle]
[symple_toggle title=”When can I begin doing transactions under eClosedRealty Inc?”]First you must initiate the change of employment on the CalBRE web site. Once you do that we will be notified by the CalBRE. We will accept your broker change and notify you (This usually takes 24 hours) and then you may begin to work.[/symple_toggle]
[symple_toggle title=”Are there any costs or  fees to join eClosedRealty Inc?”]It costs nothing to join eClosedRealty Inc, there are no sign up fees, no start up fees and no monthly fees. Simply follow our sign up procedure and we will get you started!.[/symple_toggle]
[symple_toggle title=”Are  there a minimum sales volume requirments at eClosedRealty Inc?”]No,  You can do one, or hundreds of transactions per year. You will pay only $595 per transaction.[/symple_toggle]
[symple_toggle title=”What about the cost of the risk management?”]The risk management E&O fee is included in the $595 per closed transaction.[/symple_toggle]

[symple_toggle title=”How soon and how do I get paid after an escrow has been closed?”] Once you have submitted your complete transaction file we will review the file. Upon completion we will sign your commission disbursement.  You will submit the commission disbursement to escrow and get paid directly out of escrow. [/symple_toggle]

[symple_toggle title=”Can I negotiate my commissions with clients?”]Yes, You are free to set your own sales commissions.[/symple_toggle]

[symple_toggle title=”May a real estate agent rebate portion of the agent’s commission to the buyer? If yes, how should the rebate be listed on the HUD-1?”]Yes, real estate agents may rebate a portion of the agent’s commission to the borrower in a real estate transaction. The rebate must be listed as a credit on page 1 of the HUD-1
in Lines 204-209 and the name of the party giving the credit must be identified. Real estate agent or broker commission credits to borrowers do not violate Section 8 of RESPA as long as no part of the commission rebate is tied to a referral of business.  You should also check if the lender will allow the rebate. [/symple_toggle]
[symple_toggle title=”Can I use a local for business cards, business signs and other materials?”]Yes,  As long as your marketing materials have our trademark logo and your CalBRE license number,  you are free to purchase them from wherever you choose. However all marketing material has to be submitted to the broker first for approval.[/symple_toggle]
[symple_toggle title=”Are clients free to use any lender, title company or escrow company for yy transactions?”]Yes, they are welcome to choose any licensed company[/symple_toggle]
[symple_toggle title=”Is eClosedRealty Inc a member of the Board of REALTOR® and MLS Access?”]eClosedRealty Inc is a member of SDAR, CAR and NAR. Each agent is required to pay their own association dues and  mls dues. Please inquire with your local Board of REALTORS® about MLS access and/or membership costs, dues and requirements. Agent must also obtain their own SENTRI key cards and lock boxes [/symple_toggle]
[symple_toggle title=”How do I get broker support?”]Broker assistance is provided through our Web site, via e-mail at Broker@eClosedRealty.com or by phone 619.861.6307[/symple_toggle]
[symple_toggle title=”What forms do you use?”]Standard CAR-approved forms. You may obtain them at the office of your local board of REALTORS® or download them directly from http://www.car.org/ Note: CAR forms are provided at no additional cost as part of your CAR membership benefits. You may also purchase these forms directly from a local Association or CAR without having a membership. [/symple_toggle]
[symple_toggle title=”Do you provide office space or a conference room?”]No, our affiliates operate from their own personal offices. At eClosed Realty Inc, we believe that paying for a fancy office is not necessary to be successful in real estate.  Allowing our company to pay much higher commissions to our agents.[/symple_toggle]
[symple_toggle title=”As an Agent, can I charge buyer and/or seller a transaction coordinator fee on top of my commission?”]Yes, a Broker is entitled to charge a transaction coordinator  fee to buyer or seller. These fees are negotiable; rates can vary and have to be agreed upon with client in writing.[/symple_toggle]
[symple_toggle title=”Can choose my own services, for example lender, title, escrow etc. for my transactions?”]Yes, you are free to choose the services that best suit your clients’ needs. [/symple_toggle]
[symple_toggle title=”How can I join eClosedRealty Inc?”] Sign Up for our easy 3 step process. [/symple_toggle]